IPS Istanbul

First Dedicated Summit on “Industrial Printing” in Turkey

The future of Industrial Printing is discussed for the first time in Turkey.

Industrial Printing” is one of the production phases for many manufacturing industries from textile to leather, product packaging to printed electronic circuits, cremics to glass, furniture to floor coverings, medical to automobile. All manufacturing industries will find out what will shape the future of their own production at “Industrial Print Summit Istanbul 2015”. Summit participants will be able to review all technological developments in screen-printing, pad, digital, flexo, inkjet and 3D printing and the opportunities offered by the latest “Industrial Printing” for manufacturing industries.

What’s Industrial Printing?

Industrial print relates to the use of print technologies within the process of manufacturing. The procedure whereby ink or another substance is printed onto a product for either functional or decorative purposes. Industrial print is getting more and more important because of the changing needs of the sectors such as architecture, production, industry, packaging etc. The new technologies on industrial print, provide new opportunities to design and production processes while minimizing the risks, and decreasing the costs.